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Medical Alert Systems

medical alert system The Sentry medical alert system by CISCOR is computer powered driven by CISCOR's powerful DEVI 9000 alarm processing software giving the most power and effectiveness in the processing of medical alert system alarms and staff response. A medical alert system may be hardwired, wireless or a combination of the two. The system will record the location, time, and date of all medical alert calls. Silencing (acknowledging) any medical alert call by individual staff ID number at the computer or by hand held two way radio. This level of staff accountability greatly increases staff efficiency and diligence. User defined time windows determine the amount of time taken to acknowledge a medical alert call and time taken to restore the medical alert call switch to its normal position. The Senior Sentry medical alert system can sound an alert if action from staff is too slow or send an immediate email message to administrators advising them of the late response. You may print reports any way, any time. For example, see how many times Mr. Smith activated his personal medical alert call switch in the last month and how long it took to respond each time. Each morning administrators may print a report showing the events that exceeded the accepted acknowledge and restore time window.

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Voice Intercom

The medical alert system two way voice intercom option allows calls between residents and staff to be part of the overall security plan. Medical alert calls can be taken at the personal medical alert call station, by radio or by telephone. This allows maximum mobility for staff. Conversations are hands free on the part of residents.

Personal medical alert call Switches

A smorgasbord of medical alert system switches are offered to meet every need. Medical alert call switches can be custom printed with your facility logo.

Wireless Pendants

medical alert systems The system features water resistant, wireless medical alert call pendants which are available with neck lanyards, belt clips, or wrist bands. Medical alert system pendants are fully supervised, meaning caregivers are alerted if the medical alert call pendants cease working or have a low battery. This is very important when lives depend on the medical alert system. Spread spectrum technology transmits alarm signals on many frequencies, guaranteeing the greatest possible degree of dependability. Care givers can find the person whose pendant has been activated, and with optional locators the Sentry will even tell you where they are in your facility - inside or out.

Remote Alarm Announcement

The Sentry medical alert system completely eliminates the need to keep a staff person at the main nurse station. This means a big savings in labor costs. Medical alert system alarms can be posted to pagers, radios or telephones. All staff are at once informed of alarms or events. Radios provide additional benefits. Care givers can then use the radios to decide amongst themselves who is going to respond to the medical alert call increasing efficiency. Normal staff-to-staff communications such as sending maintenance are seamlessly and easily woven into the fabric of your complex. In addition, medical alert system alarms can be posted to fax and email. This is especially useful for system supervisory notifications.

Upgrade Existing Systems

The powerful benefits of Senior Sentry computer based medical alert systems can be added to any previously installed medical alert system.

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